Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two New Star Wars Figures

Some of you may remember my first adventure with the Jamaican accented “Vendor Mon” where I basically stole purchased Darth Vader’s Imperial TIE Fighter for an incredibly low price. You can take a looky here for that tale.

Well today, I can across Vendor Mon again and this time he had a number of Star Wars Action Figures.

I bought two of them that caught my eye, and let’s just say that the price I paid for BOTH wouldn’ty have even gotten me ONE of those online, so again…I managed to get a good baragain.

Which two, you are probably thinking by now?

You can see that this is Luke Skywalker as he appeared in the last few minutes of Episode IV. This caught my eye because, when I was a child, they never did make this figure. They has just about EVERY sort of Luke Skywalker figure but not this one, and I even remember my Dad asking me how come I didn’t have Luke in this outfit in my collection.

The modeling is good as the figure has a blaster, an deactivated lightsaber, and the medal he received from Princess Leia…all highly detailed.

The second one I got is Imperial Starfleet Officer Juno Eclipse from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Again, another good model that comes with a blaster and a base as well.

If you are unfamiliar as to who Juno is exactly, you read more about her here.

As to why I bought that figure…

Suffice to say, SWTFU has become one of my favorite games, and I am totally looking forward to its upcoming sequel.


Tough female blondes who have a thing for Dark Siders are just simply and totally awesome.


  1. Vendor Mon rocks. I really like the details on that Luke action figure. Nice scores!

  2. Thanks! He's actually a cool guy...and now that he knows I like my Star Wars, I'm sure he'll have more.


  3. Very nice. I love the Juno action figure. Now that I know it's out there...must get!

  4. The Juno figure is pretty hard to find!

  5. I've seen that Juno figure at conventions and I end up kicking myself for not getting her! It would go well with the 14 new figures I bought on sale the other day...