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Star Trek Beyond Cutaways

Finally there is a Cutaway of the NCC-1701 USS Enterprise from the Alternate Reality that is now officially known as The Kelvin Timeline.

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Although designed very similarly, not many people know that this incarnation of the Enterprise is far bigger than the Enterprise from the Original Star Trek Series.

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In fact, as you can see in the chart above, this Enterprise is more along the size and scale of the NCC-1701-D Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Star Trek Into Darkness

The Japanese Trailer has additional footage!

And here is a Shot by Shot Analysis:

The original website where this is from can be found here.

Star Trek Into Darkness Announcement Trailer Shot-By-Shot Analysis December 6, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Trek Franchisetrackback
The Star Trek Into Darkness ‘Announcement Trailer’ is just 63 seconds long but it actually contains 39 cuts. TrekMovie has taken a deep dive and we have a shot by shot analysis, including analysis of the extra couple of cuts in the Japanese trailer (which might just blow your mind). Check out the full TrekMovie.com analysis below. [Spoilers].  

Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Analysis – Someone Wants Vengeance
Let’s start with the voice over, which is provide by the film’s villain (played by Benedict Cumberbatch):
You think your world is safe? It is an illusion. A comforting lie told to protect you. Enjoy these final moments of peace for I have returned to have my vengeance.
So shall we begin?
Firstly, this voice over appears to confirm that "vengeance" is a theme of the film. As reported by TrekMovie.com "Star Trek: Vengeance" was considered as a possible title for the film. Secondly, he is saying he has "returned." The big question is, from where? Or even possibly, from when?
Now lets go to the shot by shot analysis (Click images to enlarge)

San Francisco skyline

Kirk addresses Starfleet crowd (presumably at Starfleet HQ or Academy in San Francisco)

Small ships fly overhead in missing man formation possibly indicating above crowd is for a memorial

Kirk talks intently with someone with grey hair (possibly Pike)
- NOTE: New uniform and rank insignia style

Some kind of alien planet location

Kirk and McCoy run through alien location wearing some sort of robes

Kirk and McCoy jump off a cliff into the ocean

Alice Eve as unknown character on board what appears to be some Starfleet vessel

Kirk looks up with puppy dog eyes to (presumably) Eve character who is handing him something (a PADD?)

Benedict Cumberbatch character stands on Klingon building (note lettering on side) and leaps high into the air and down towards awaiting Klingon – dead bodies are also seen on ground in upper photo

Cumberbatch takes down a Klingon wielding some giant gun thing

Kirk and Uhura look on (presumably at Cumberbatch’s character taking down Klingon)

Cumberbatch wielding some kind of rifle during Klingon fight
 SYNOPSIS NOTE: This Klingon planet could be where "Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction"

Spock descends into volcano wearing special suite

Spock inside volcano

Uhura gazing at something (at location of Klingon fight)

Spock holds pistol (different than phaser used in Star Trek) (appears to be at same location of Klingon fight)

Enterprise rises out of an ocean

Back to Spock in the Volcano

Kirk and Scotty (Apparently) try to catch falling crewperson (maybe Uhura) (presumably on Enterprise)

More of Cumberbatch beating up a Klingon

Some kind of Starfleet meeting interrupted by phaser blasts (appears to not be on a ship as chairs are not affixed to floor). And Spock appears to be standing next to officer who gets blown out of her chair
SYNOPSIS NOTE: Above attack could be why the synopsis says "an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for"

Kirk takes a swing at Cumberbatch’s character (presumably at location of Klingon fight)

Sulu looks down at something

Spock runs through the streets holding standard phaser from 2009 movie (and has same 2009 movie communicator and belt)

Cumberbatch’s character crashes through window (presumably running from Spock)

Alice Eve’s character (wearing science blue) screams

Explosion (possibly on Enterprise)

Scotty consoles Uhura
SYNOPSIS NOTE: Above could be related to how "love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew."

Kirk tries to hang on

Cumberbatch punches someone on board some ship with dark interior

Kirk enters a room looking beat up, possibly to face …

…Cumberbatch’s character in command chair of ship with dark interior

Citizens look concerned at something headed their way – NOTE: New type of alien in upper left of lower image

Explosion (possibly crash) in the city

A Federation style ship crashes into what appears to be San Francisco Bay (not the USS Enterprise note difference in nacelle/strut style)
Analysis of Japanese Trailer Bonus Shots: Who is the Family?
There are also a couple of extra seconds in the Japanese trailer. These have more from Benedict Cumberbatch’s character saying…
"is there anything you wouldn’t do for your family?"
Once again we are left with a question. Who is his family? Is he seeking vengeance because of his family?

Kirk looks concerned (appears to be at same location as Starfleet meeting attack shown above)

Kirk (Presumably, maybe Cumberbatch) and Spock touch hands through transparent wall in moment that is very reminiscent of iconic scene in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
What have we learned? – and what haven’t we learned
The trailer confirms many things about Star Trek Into Darkness, including some previously reported spoilers from TrekMovie.com.
  • Cumberbatch is playing a human (or human appearing) character, however he appears stronger than an average human
  • Cumberbatch’s character is either in Starfleet (or for some reason wears a Starfleet shirt at times)
  • Alice Eve appears to be playing a science officer or medical officer
  • Klingons appear in the film (and are wearing same helmets as seen in 2009 movie’s deleted scenes)
  • Locations visited include San Francisco, an Alien planet with red jungle (and possibly same place as Volcano), a planet with Klingons
  • We see what appears to be two different types of ship interiors (the Enterprise and some other ship with darker interior)
  • The Enterprise can go under water
  • Some Starfleet type ship crashes into water
  • It appears someone who deserves a Starfleet memorial dies…and at some point Uhura gets very upset and needs consoling
  • There are some new Starfleet uniform variants and characters will be seen in a number of other costumes
But there are of course many questions. We still don’t know which canon characters are being played by Eve and Cumberbatch. Also Peter Weller doesn’t even appear, nor do Anton Yelchin or Bruce Greenwood (unless we are seeing back of his head in one shot). But there is another trailer coming next weekend along with the first nine minutes of the film with the Hobbit in IMAX.

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It seems...

...that I have been posting more on my Twitter, Facebook, and Posterous pages far more than I have here!

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One of these days, I just MAY be inspired to do the full blown blogging that was the intention of having this up in the first place, as I have done in the past.

Surprises are abound...and forthcoming.

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Yep...I know that...

...I havent posted anything here in a LONG time. BUT...I haven't forgotten about this place.

No promises of when new stuff goes up though.

Not yet.

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Punch The Pig

I came across this new interactive billboard advertisement today:

Its a Marketing Campaign by PNC for its "Virtual Wallet" product.

Now...its not actually making me get up and go out to purchase this new service PNC has to offer, but I think the idea of what basically amounts to be a giant gaming screen is cool enough to make me write about it.

Here's a video of people actually using the thing:

Video Timeline of Asteroid Discoveries Between 1980-2010

This is a video showing the discovery of asteroids from 1980 - 2010. It starts offpretty slow, but by the late 90's/early 00's asteroids start popping up faster!