Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mazinkaiser SKL

Mazinkaiser SKL マジンカイザー SKL, also called Mazinkaiser Skull and currently romanized in the official website as Mazinkaizer SKL is a Japanese OVA series and the 11th Mazinger series ever made based on Go Nagai's original works.

The series will be released in an unconfirmed date in Winter 2010 and also has a planned novel adaptation to be serialized in ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Hobby Magazine and a manga adaptation currently being published in the mobile phone magazine Shu 2 Comic Gekkin.

Besides the fact I actually do have a fascination with skulls and this particular class of Mecha, as evidenced in this earlier blog, combine those two together and such information is actually quite exciting to me!

It would appear that the familiar space craft control area normally associated with the Mecha (at the top of its head unit) has been replaced with a skull, hence the title of the series. And this new version of Mazinkaiser seems to be a bit...darker and more wicked looking then its predecessors. This of course leads to a lot of speculation on my own part.

(click on the images to see them at full resolution...)

The weapons also look far more violent as well! Could this very well be, for all intents and purposes, a Dark Mazinkaiser?

As in the previous Mazinkasier Series, there seems to be a feminine Mecha as well...

And of course, the cast of characters who will be the pilots and operators of these massive robots!

This new project is billed as the return of the Mazinkaiser Anime Franchise, which is itself a spinoff from Go Nagai's classic super robot manga and anime series, Mazinger Z.

You can visit the Official Mazinkaiser SKL Website here. And if you can't read Japanese, your browser should offer to translate it for you.

Here is the trailer that they have for the new series:

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