Thursday, July 22, 2010

War Machine 1/6 Scale Figure

Just as I thought, (and really hoped!) they are indeed making a 1/6 scale version the black and grey (and of for me, darker because that's how *I* roll...) complement to the traditional Iron Man Armor.

Now, granted that these are fairly early images of the product, and while its doesn't appear to have as many extra accessories as the Iron Man figure I featured here (such as battle damage, for example) I can't help but wonder if such features will be available when it goes to market.

Nevertheless, as you can, War Machine, just like it’s red and yellow counterpart, is a combination of an action figure and a starship model, since it has all the movable and removable parts and accessories to make the most awesome sort of display,  and is also illuminated in all the right places as well!

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