Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Embrace Your Inner Geekness Day!

When: July 13th

Are you into such things like video games, comic books and doing technically oriented stuff?

Have you modified your computer or laptop WAY beyond its normal specifications?

Do you spend endless hours going to different places on the internet?

Well guess what...

You are a Geek!

And this is the day to ask yourself just what kinda Geek you may be.

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Here are some common Geek Terms you might have heard about. Do have any of these or do they apply to you, perhaps?

  • Alpha Geek: The most technologically savvy dude or dudette in the company 

  • Amazonned: This means you’ve lost a chunk of your business to a dot-com

  • Back Hack: When you get hacked, you return the favor

  • Beta Baby: Child born to a high-tech pro after 1995

  • Code 18: Used by tech support to disguise when they’re calling a technical issue user-caused.

  • Code ID-10-T: Far less PC version of the above code. (Look carefully at the letters and numbers...see a word forming?)

  • Cyberterrorism: Terror on a computer

  • Digital Jewelry: Any kind of hi-tech stuff  one would wear. This would also include iPhones, iPods, BlackBerries, Cell Phones...etc...

  • Idea Hamster: Someone who always has his/her idea generator running

  • Inner Geek: The techie that dwells deep within each of us

So, enjoy "Embrace Your Inner Geekness Day" to the fullest. Spend plenty of time with your computer. Talk computer lingo and jargon. And if you are a Geek, this is the day to roar!

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